Greetings, friends! Allow me to introduce myself in 3rd person.

Who is Regan? Regan is an actor, writer, and theatre artist from Denver, CO. She is Artistic Director of Phamaly Theatre Company in Denver, a nonprofit theatre that re-imagines established works while exclusively casting actors with all nature of disabilities. Regan received her Master of Social Work at the University of Denver, and her MFA in Acting from UC San Diego as the first wheelchair user ever to attend the prestigious program. She was recently honored with the 2017 True West Award for Colorado Theatre Person of the Year, and UC San Diego’s “Triton 40 Under 40” Award.

As one of the few professional theatre actors who use a wheelchair, Regan has become a prominent voice for inclusion in the national theatre community, and has served as a Facilitator with the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Institute at the Theatre Communications Group. She has performed with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, La Jolla Playhouse, Pasadena Playhouse, Big-I (Osaka, Japan), Mixed Blood (MN), The Apothetae (NY), and Phamaly, among others. Her writing has been featured in New Mobility Magazine, national TCG Diversity Salons, Hollywood Fringe, and Chalk Rep (LA).

Regan has enjoyed wearing numerous hats in life, including singer, writer, athlete, yoga instructor, social worker, traveler, and educator.

And the wheels?  Regan uses manual wheelchair due to a T-4 complete spinal cord injury from a car accident in college. She delights in the daily discoveries of the wheeling existence, and considers the wheels just one element of her human smorgasbord. 

Artistic aesthetic:  Regan strives to be part of projects that are honest, extraordinary, and change-effecting while also entertaining and unpretentious.  Ingenue she is not; give her the gritty, messy, crazy, humorous, quirky, unbalanced, powerful, asymmetrical, injured, witty, intelligent, and complicated.  Regan values every moment on stage with an audience, and treats each theatrical endeavor as a unique opportunity to connect and experience empathy with other humans.  

Other things Regan loves: Noodles, singing harmony, swimming, quoting movies, wheeling speedily, grammar and rhetoric, golf, poppy seed pound cake, Shakespeare, dressing in jeans and a t-shirt, wisdom, playing board games, handcycling, history, traveling, guffaws, music, dessert, people who will make fools of themselves, Pentwater, Mr. Bean, pasta with mizithra cheese, being near large bodies of water, and people who are kind.