Greetings, friends!

I, Regan (or Regs), am a proud native of Denver, CO (go Broncos and East Angels!), and I'm an actor.  

A little history: I received my BA in American Studies from USC (go Trojans!), and did my MSW at the University of DenverIn 2013, I graduated from the MFA Acting Program at UC San Diego as the first wheelchair user to do so.  Before starting my MFA at UCSD, I worked for 6 years with Phamaly (a Denver theatre company for actors with disabilities), and was honored with numerous awards (ooh!) for performances with the company, including the Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award and Denver Post Ovation Award. In addition to acting, I've enjoyed wearing numerous hats throughout my life, including singer, writer, athlete, yoga instructor, social worker, traveler, and educator.

And the wheels?  I use a manual wheelchair due to a T-4 complete spinal cord injury from a car accident in college.  I am fortunate to cruise through the world each day, and while I delight in the daily discoveries of my wheeling existence, my wheels are just one element of my human smorgasbord.  (And just FYI, I'm not interested in playing the unfortunate patient in commercials for personal injury lawyers…but thanks).   

My acting:  I strive to be part of projects that are honest, extraordinary, and change-effecting while also entertaining and unpretentious.  Ingenue I am not; give me the gritty, messy, crazy, humorous, quirky, unbalanced, powerful, asymmetrical, injured, witty, intelligent, and complicated.  I value every moment on stage with an audience, and treat each theatrical endeavor as a unique opportunity to connect with other humans.  Mostly, I believe acting is the ultimate exercise in empathy...and that's why I love it.

Other things I love: Singing harmony, swimming, quoting movies, wheeling speedily, grammar and rhetoric, golf, poppy seed pound cake, Shakespeare, dressing in jeans and a t-shirt, wisdom, playing board games, handcycling, history, traveling, guffaws, music, dessert, people who will make fools of themselves, Pentwater, Mr. Bean, pasta with mizithra cheese, being near large bodies of water, and people who are kind.